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Why should solar panels be professionally clean?
Routinely washing solar PV equipment with high-mineral tap water may lead to cloudy deposits and appears to be an emerging problem for  solar owners.
It is a concern because the financial payback of a system depends on the amount of sunlight reaching the solar cells over many years. Hard-water deposits can be limited or prevented, and those  considering a solar investment need not be deterred; they should take precautions.
In the United States, water with the highest mineral content is generally found in regions with the most sunshine, such as Southern California and the arid Southwest and West.

Crazy Dog takes the next step in solar and window cleaning by washing each panel with our pure water filter system that breaks down hard water into pure water!
Our pure water system has a full size sediment and  carbon pre-filtration system that removes particulates and harmful chlorine.  The filter system's two other components are  the RO Membrane that removes 98% or more of impurities while providing maximum flow and a  DI cartridge that removes  the remainder of impurities. The pure water is fed through a hogs hair brush on the end of a 35ft telescoping  pole. 

100% Guarantee Service
We ensure that your panels are functioning at their optimum level of performance with regular cleaning and maintenance, saving you money and ensuring your investment's future. We can put you on our reliable maintenance schedule. Enjoy the benefits of a system running at it's best without having to think about it.

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Pure Water Cleaning
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